What food does my puppy eat?

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The dry food:

There are 3 types of dry food that you should have on hand before your Biewer puppy comes home to you.

Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Kibbles.

Please order at least 1 x 8 lb. bag. This dog food cannot be ordered on Amazon or elsewhere. It will ship straight from the maker to your door to make sure it’s not sitting in somebody’s warehouse for months. Life’s Abundance has the best possible rating with DogFoodAdvisor.com. As per our health guarantee, you should be feeding LA at least for the first year. Please check with us before you change the dry food for your puppy. Also please always check on DogFoodAdvisor.com to learn more about certain commercial dog foods.

The goal is to eventually wean off your puppy from baby kibbles and cooked meals. If you enjoy cooking for your pup you can of course continue to do so. I will write up another FAQ with yummy meal recipes. And since you are already on the LA website for the kibbles, you can also add a pack of these Bully Sticks.

Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy

Biewer Puppies are very small and sometimes it’s difficult for them to crack the kibbles with their little teeth. That’s why we mix the food above, with a 2nd food. Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy kibbles are very small and the puppies love them. It’s hs. 4.5 star rating with dog food advisor so still pretty good food to feed. Please make sure you mix this 5 lb. bag it the 8 lb. bag of the Life’s Abundance Kibbles.

Freeze-Dried Raw food from PRIMAL

The third food is Freeze-Dried Raw food from PRIMAL. It comes in chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, salmon, venison, turkey, pork, or lamb formula. It is important to rotate the proteins for your puppy. Primal Nuggets can be powdered in the kitchen blender and then mixed into the kibble mix. The powder will coat the kibbles and make them extra flavorful and yummy. Please order a couple of different formulas like beef and duck. Don’t order the chicken formula as the dry kibbles are already based on chicken meat.

NuVetPlus Immune System Builder (use code 23999 online)

All puppies have immune systems that take time to mature. The terms of our health guarantee will not be honored unless the puppies are given NuVet Plus immune system builder for at least the first year of the health guarantee. Nuvet Immune System Builder is a supplement that you can just add to the kibble mix. You can either add 1/2 cup of it to the kibble mix you prepped or you can add a teaspoon of it to the kibble bowl every time you refill it.

Dry Food Summary:

Mix 1/2 cup of the supplement and the three dry foods together (1x 8 lb. of LA, 1 x 5 lb. bag of Purina Toy Puppy, and 1 x 14 oz. bag of Primal Nuggets (run only the nuggets through the blender). Don’t add water to any of the foods! You will have close to 14 lb. of dry dog food for your puppy. You can store the mix in a small dog food storage container. All our dogs are free-fed with access to the kibble mix 24/7. Please have a bowl of this kibble mix available for your puppy to snack on at all times.

The cooked food:

1. If you don’t want to cook for your puppy and rather receive freshly cooked meals in the mail, please read here and get 50% off on your first order.

The Farmer’s Dog or also Nom Nom is freshly made food, and all of the nutrition dogs need to be healthy, and none of the harsh processing, fillers, or preservatives of most commercial options. A fresh, complete, and balanced diet is one of the most important investments you can make in your dog’s long-term health. The Farmer’s Dog and also Nom Nom are gently cooked to maintain whole food integrity and natural nutrients. The meal plans are personalized to your dog’s specific needs based on a profile you create when signing up. The meals are delivered right to your door and arrive frozen to ensure safety and nutritional integrity upon arrival. Just store the packs in the freezer, and move packs to the fridge to defrost a day before serving. The food is pre-cooked and does not require any special preparation.
Please read here to learn more about the meal delivery service for your puppy.

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2. If you enjoy home cooking for your pup, please read here:

Your puppy will need 2 cooked meals a day for at least the next 2-3 weeks. You can then start to offer only one meal and if you prefer to feed the dry food mix only, then you can wean your puppy off any cooked meals.

You can boil a 5 lb. bag of unseasoned, frozen, or fresh chicken breast and also brown 2 lb. very lean ground beef. Shred the chicken breast in the blender for just a few seconds so it is nicely shredded or mix it with the hand mixer. Make sure you don’t leave any big chunks of chicken breast. Hungry puppies can choke on chunky food! Mix the shredded chicken with the fried ground beef and fry everything up in a large frying pan. Add 5-6 eggs to it and fry everything together. Make sure the egg is completely cooked and not raw. Once this chicken-beef-egg mix has cooled off, you can bag up 1 cup size portions in little ziplock bags and put it in your freezer. This will last for weeks and you don’t have to cook every day.
Serve 1 cup of the cooked mix on a plate and give your puppy 10 minutes to eat and then put the leftovers back in the fridge.

Home-cooked Biewer Terrier Food

Home-cooked Biewer Terrier Food

Foreign customers will not be able to order the Life’s Abundance Kibbles. Please contact us to discuss alternative dry food options.

Click here to listen: What does my Biewer Puppy eat?

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