Do I get AKC papers?

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There is a widely held belief that AKC or AKC papers” and the quality of a puppy are one and the same. The AKC is a dog registry. AKC does not breed or sell dogs, it will not guarantee the quality or health of dogs in its registry. Akc also does not require any health testing.
If you purchase an AKC Registration Certificate for a puppy sold on a pet contract (no show & breeding rights), you will receive a Limited AKC Registration Certificate. The certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam born on a known date. It will have the name and birthdate of the puppy, the name of the breeder, and the names of the parents. The pedigree is a 3-generation family tree that provides registered names, registration numbers, and available coat colors for 14 immediate ancestors in your dog’s family tree. If you purchase AKC Registration for your puppy with us, we will register the puppy with AKC, after you received your puppy. All puppies will have our Kennel name “Rocky Mountain’s” in front of their given name. We also add the customer’s last name. Example: Rocky Mountain’s Ginger Hansen. The process can take up to 4 weeks, and for pedigrees sometimes longer.

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