2022 Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club Event & Get Together

After a very long, 2-year hiatus due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we were thrilled to finally hold the Third Annual Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club (RMBTC) Event

This year’s event was attended on September 14-18, 2022, by 28 very beloved dogs and their entourage of 27 equally devoted humans, coming from all over the U.S., to see old friends, make new ones & celebrate our love for this amazing breed!

On the evening of September 14, we gathered in the breakfast room at the Baymont In Hotel to meet & greet other RMBTC “parents” and “kids,” while enjoying refreshments & delicious strawberry cakes baked by Karen. Each family received a goodie bag filled to bursting with everything from bows, bandanas, treats, toys & toothbrushes for the dogs to tissues & toiletries for their humans, as well as delicious Hansen Wildflower honey, goat milk & honey soaps, lotion bars & paw balm! Everyone outdid themselves on their generous donations for the goodie bags & they were greatly appreciated!

It was an especially magical evening for one really lucky family who got to meet their newest addition for the first time…a tiny, precious RMBT baby girl named Delilah! Needless to say, it was love at first sight! Biewer Terrier Club

Thursday, September 15, found us driving to Mancos State Park in Mancos, CO, on a gorgeous but brisk & windy early autumn morning to enjoy the breathtaking scenery & outdoor time with our dogs.


While End of the Trail Catering was busy getting our lunch of grilled steaks & shrimp cocktails prepared, Karen was happily snapping photos of everyone…dogs, humans & their dogs, dogs, dogs & more dogs. While the “parents” enjoyed their lunch, the “kids” got to hang out & socialize in their own custom corral. Later, Mommy Karen & Daddy Jared joined them in the corral to visit & hand out treats to all the beautiful babies they’ve bred & blessed us with. Later that evening we met again in the breakfast room, or what we’ll refer to as Biewer HQ, for the pet costume contest.

We had an angel & devil, bikini babes, pro hockey players, a postman, a spider, a cowgirl, a bumblebee, a Biewer beaver, a baby sea turtle, an octopus, a shark, 3 mermaids & a fisherman & they all got to strut their stuff down the red carpet, complete with red velvet ropes & gold stanchions, just like the A-list celebrities they are. Ribbons & awards (a/k/a toys) were handed out to all the deserving winners, but the best reward…at least for the contestants…was getting to take their accursed costumes off!

Biewer Terrier Club

Friday, September 16, was a picture-perfect Colorado day with bluebird skies & white, puffy clouds…a perfect day to go horseback riding!


Jared & Karen trailered 2 of their horses, Whiskey & Princess, to Mancos State Park for those who wanted to channel their Urban Cowboys & Cowgirls. There were several who jumped at the chance to go horseback riding & several who were perfectly content to be spectators & cheer the riders on. Karen captured the riders’ joy in her beautiful photos.

Afterward, we enjoyed another delicious meal of BBQ ribs & chicken provided by End of the Trail Catering. We had free time in the afternoon, but met up later in Biewer HQ that evening for a grooming demonstration by Karen & to snuggle with & ooh & ahh over the age-appropriate RMBT puppies Rubi Becker & Leon Hansen brought. The well-socialized pups were a huge hit with everyone, except for our own dogs, who may or may not have been a bit jealous?!

A fun raffle was also held that garnered a lot of laughs & some really great prizes. It was the best raffle ever with everyone being a winner! Biewer Terrier Club

Saturday, September 16, was a bittersweet day…the last day of our 2022 event.

We had the morning free, but later in the day we were invited out to Jared & Karen’s new cabin they built in the San Juan National Forest. It was an afternoon of hiking, target shooting or just porch sitting & enjoying the breathtaking scenery, invigorating mountain air & an occasional hummingbird. Those that decided to go on a hike were treated to beautiful views of the rock cliffs & caves on the property & Jared got to practice his first responder skills on one of the Biewer Terrier Club members whose identity shall remain anonymous. Target shooting was offered for anyone interested & several stepped up to the challenge. Some even surprised themselves by enjoying it as much as they did!

Who knew we had so many Annie Oakleys & Frank Butlers in our group?

Later that evening, back at Biewer HQ, we savored our last End of the Trail meal together of burgers & brats, followed by a mock dog show on the red carpet. Some dogs were naturals in the ring, graciously posing for the paparazzi…others were a bit more reserved & camera shy…but all were winners in the eyes of their humans who adore them. As the evening drew to a close & we reluctantly made our tearful goodbyes, we were already talking about & looking forward to seeing each other next year. Biewer Terrier Club

So the dilemma is this…how is it even possible to sum up such a wonderful event? I asked the Biewer Terrier Club members who attended this year’s event what they loved most about it & here are some of their thoughts:

“This event was our 1st one so we enjoyed meeting all members and their puppies. We enjoyed the park, food and all the Biewer activities. Visiting the cabin minus the shooting was a treat.” ~ Olga Sehnert Biewer Terrier Club

“Meeting the other Biewer parents and pups. The costume contest was a hoot especially when the Angel became “the stripper”. ~ Linda Hadyka Biewer Terrier Club

“The trip, it was my first time and very grateful for all the new friends I made and their kids! Loved meeting Karen’s goats, turkeys, pigs and horses. Felt so good to get out of the city. Loved the day at the cabin and shooting that rifle!” ~ Charlene Warner Biewer Terrier Club

“What I looked forward to before the event was getting together with friends I had not seen for three years. In addition to reuniting with friends, I met new friends! There was also a wonderful variety of activities – something for everyone! We enjoyed delicious food from End of the Trail Catering. There was the opportunity to ride a beautiful horse! For outdoor enthusiasts, we were able to explore the area around Karen and Jared’s new cabin. And, as a bonus, we got to do a bit of target shooting- which was fun whether you could hit anything or not. The activities at the hotel were fun and gave us lots of laughs. After the last three years of limited contact with people, it was so refreshing to get together with people with a common love for our dogs and laugh and relax a bit! Looking forward to the next event!” ~ Ann Furlough Biewer Terrier Club

“It was so good to see old friends and pups and meeting new ones! We so enjoyed spending time with everyone, riding horses, eating all the great food from the caterer and especially getting to go to Karen and Jared’s cabin in the woods! The events the pups partook in was very fun! So much fun but my favorite part was meeting and bringing home little Delilah!“ ~ Freda Jackson Biewer Terrier Club

“The laughter, the sharing, the effort everyone put into making it special. It was FUN.” ~ Pamela Pearson Biewer T

errier Club

To put together an event such as this takes a lot of time, creativity, organization, coordination & maybe just a little (or a lot) of stress.

We would like to thank our fabulous Event Chair, Ann Furlough, and all who helped, for making RMBTC’s 2022 Annual Event such a successful and memorable one. And, as always, a very heartfelt note of gratitude goes to Jared & Karen Hansen, for without them, none of this would be possible. From the first-ever RMBTC event held in 2018 to now, wonderful friendships have been made…some of which will be lifelong. We’ve become a family…the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club family…proving yet again how true our motto is that “Life is Just Better With a Biewer!” Biewer


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