We are now the proud parents of 3 Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers.

We are now the proud parents of not one, but THREE, Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers we’ve driven from Indiana to Colorado to get each time! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jared & Karen & their Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers.

LaVon & Ben got another one :)They have a beautiful, spotless log house home near Dolores, CO, where the dogs spend their days romping, exercising & enjoying the sunshine & fresh mountain air in the huge fenced-in play area behind their home. They have doggie doors that are always open so the dogs can go in and out as they please. I could watch them all day! They even have little wooden log dog houses in the back as playhouses for the dogs. The dogs run in and out and some even take naps in them when the weather is good. Each log dog house has a large heat pad, connected to a doggy safe outlet. Now that’s living!! These dogs eat better, live better & are groomed better than most people I know! I actually felt bad when we left there with our first dog, knowing I was taking her away from such a wonderful home, which is completely the opposite from what I’ve felt with the dogs we’ve got in the past from other breeders. Karen even gave us a ziplock bag full of shredded boiled chicken because that’s what our dog liked for a snack. It is so much fun seeing all the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in person…and yes, they’re just as beautiful in person as what you see on their Website & Facebook PageLaVon and Karen at RMBTEach dog has its own unique colorations, markings & personality, yet they’re all beautiful, healthy, well cared for & well socialized. This 3rd time we went there, we got to see all the puppies (except the newborns) and they were gorgeous! Their new Mommies & Daddies are going to be over the moon happy when they meet them for the first time!! We got our first little girl from Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in December 2015, went back in March 2016 for our little boy & back again a week ago for our 2nd little girl. All 3 of our dogs are beautiful, healthy & well socialized & handled the long, several days’ road trip from CO to IN like champs. No whining, no crying, no car sickness…they adapted instantly & felt like they’d been a part of our family forever!

I’ve become friends with some other “parents” of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier pups & they too are so pleased with their “babies” & the experience they had, that they wouldn’t dream of getting another Biewer Terrier anywhere else. Karen is always great about answering any questions I’ve ever had & always returns my texts or calls, even over a year later. The Hansens are an amazing, hard-working young family who has put so much into establishing their kennel & producing dogs of excellent quality that maintain the highest of breed standards. Their dogs are all DNA tested, Breed tested, vet checked & microchipped and I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers to anyone looking for a Biewer Terrier. I know I’d never consider going anywhere else.

Lavon Oeth Euler, Indiana
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