No Puppy to Hawaii

Why we don’t send Pups to Hawaii

Due to the minimum amount of time needed to prepare a puppy or kitten to meet the requirements of the 5-Day-Or-Less program, a puppy or kitten will be about 10 months of age by the time the preparations are completed. Puppies and kittens not able to meet all of the requirements for the 5-Day-Or-Less program […]

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers AKC Inspection

AKC Inspection at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

The AKC is the only purebred registry in the United States with an ongoing routine kennel inspection program.  Since 2000, AKC field inspectors have conducted over 45,000 inspections nationwide.Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers was inspected by AKC Executive Field Agent Pete Wannamaker earlier this year. We gave Pete the “whole tour” and he looked at pretty much everything that […]

Investigation Insatiable Love Michael Ostern

Breeding Ban for Michael Ostern issued after AKDH e.V Investigation of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Kennel “My Insatiable Love”

Less then a year ago, in Summer 2015, The AKDH e.V. (Allgemeine Kynologische Deutsche Rassenhundeverband) performed an investigation on the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Kennel “My Insatiable Love”, owned by Michael Ostern in Germany. The AKDH e.V in Germany is the sole representative of the umbrella organization WKU (World Kennel Union). The investigation of Michael Ostern’s Biewer Yorkshire Kennel in […]


AKC Parent Club Designation for the Biewer Terrier

Parent Club Designation for Biewer Terrier The Board reviewed a request from the Biewer Terrier Club of America which is seeking to be designated as the Parent Club for the Breed. Sport Services department has worked with this club for the breed, and the registry that is recognized for the breed is affiliated with this […]

Biewer Terrier Puppy Shipping Crate

How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?

The question we get asked the most is “How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?” We ship our Biewer Puppies with United Airlines “PetSafe” out of Durango, CO Airport (DRO). United PetSafe is not just some pet cargo shipping program … it’s not the luggage guys who pull your puppy out of the cargo area […]

How to pronounce Biewer

How to pronounce Biewer Terrier

  “Biewer” is the last name of Mrs. Biewer from Germany. You pronounce it exactly like the animal Beaver. Here is a short video of Mrs Biewer from Germany, in 2009. She explains how a German Dog Show Judge and vet suggested to name the breed after herself Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 🙂 In 2006 the […]