Muffin Golddust Biewer Terrier

What is a Golddust Biewer?

The¬†Golddust Biewer Terrier or Golddust Yorkshire Terrier is a color mutation of the¬†Biewer Terrier. The mutation of Golddust Yorkshire Terriers is, that eumelanin (black-brown¬†pigment) is formed, but not embedded¬†in the coat, so that only the pheomelanin (red-yellow¬†pigment) is visible as a gold tone on the the pigmented parts.¬† The¬†Golddust Yorkshire Terrier appeared shortly after the […]

Chocolate Biewer Terrier Biro Ms Emma

Chocolate Biewer Puppies born ?

Sir Denver & Ms Coco had 2 chocolate Biewer Terrier Puppies today. 1 Boy Sir Ethan and 1 Girl Ms Emma. Ms Coco is a first time mom but she did great and both her puppies were born within 3 hours and they are fat and healthy.
All Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers are pure bred Biewer Terriers and have passed the MARS Wisdom Panel 3.0 breed test. Sir Denver & Ms Charlotte are the world’s first registered chocolate colored Biewer Terriers. The AKC registration requires a BTRA registration, which requires a MARS Wisdom Panel breed test, DNA profile, and coat color test. You can read about the AKC registration process for the Biewer Terrier here.


Chocolate Biewer Terrier Girl Ms Emma
Chocolate Biewer Terrier Biro Sir Ethan

Chocolate Biewer Terrier Boy Sir Ethan


Miracle Puppy Formula

This recipe is from Myra Savant Harris. She posted it on¬†Facebook¬†in 2012 and we made it for a¬†sick puppy girl named¬†Ms Donna.¬†Thank You ūüôā You need: 10 oz can of evaporated goats milk 1/3 cup of strained liver water 2 raw egg yolks 1 Tablespoon of canola oil 1 cup of whole fat plain yogurt […]

Cleft lip Biewer Puppy Ms Donna

Cleft lip puppy – The Story of Ms Donna

Cleft lip puppy – The Story of Ms Donna Ms Donna was born with a cleft lip (not cleft palate) early in the morning on June 19, 2016. She has a split lip were the two sides of the upper¬†lip¬†do not properly fuse in. She can’t¬†create suction to nurse like her siblings. We are feeding […]


Zara had 5 Puppies

Sir Denver & Ms Zara had 3 girls and 2 boys. ¬†All 5 pups are carriers of the chocolate gene¬†because their daddy Denver is a chocolate colored Biewer Terrier. This is our D-Litter and we named them Daytona, Donna, Domingo, Dakota, and Domino. ¬†Ms Donna was born with a cleft lip and you can watch […]

Tiny Biewer Terrier Puppy 1.8 oz

RIP Little Caesar

Sir Caesar was born with 1.8 oz. A tiny Biewer Terrier Puppy named Sir Caesar was born on May 14, 2016 with only 1.8 oz. He was to small to nurse with his siblings. We bottle fed him but he would not thrive. He fought for 3 days and passed away on day #4.


Durango & Destiny had 6 puppies ?

Sir Durango & Ms Destiny had a big litter of 6 standard colored Biewer Terrier Puppies. This is our C-Litter and we named the 3 boys Caesar, Clyde, and Casper. The 3 girls are Colorado, Celine and Chanel. Sir Durango’s registered Kennel name is¬†Quistador Perfection de la Grace. He is a standard Biewer Terrier and […]