Biewer Terrier Club of America continues Bully Attacks

Lynn Meyer’s application to become a member of the Biewer Terrier Club of America was denied. Reason sited was “adherence to the standard and code of ethics is of utmost importance”. We think our dogs totally adhere to the standard! No, they aren’t perfect and no dog is, but we’ve had our fair share of […]


Formal AKC Complaint filed against Biewer Terrier Club of America

A formal complaint pursuant to Article XII of the Charter and Bylaws of the American Kennel Club, Inc. was filed recently.  An investigation of the allegations of the complaint was requested. The complaint is lodged against the Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA), along with the associated Biewer Terrier Registry of America (BTRA), and the BTCA […]

Karen Hansen with Biewer Terrier Puppies

First-Time Dog Owners Should Start Small

First-Time Dog Owners Should Start Small Owning a dog is one of the first forms of real responsibility for another being that many get to experience. Like most forms of responsibility, sometimes it is best to start small. While medium and larger breeds of dog provide unique benefits, smaller dogs tend to be a bit […]

AKC Biewer Terrier Standard

Biewer Terrier – Checklist FSS® to Full AKC Status

Road from FSS® to Full AKC Status Checklist Club name must include “United States”, “American”, or “of America”. Submit Photos for website on CD Submit contact information for website Submit registry or individual dogs Companion Events – automatic once one dog is recorded with a 3-generation pedigree If applicable submit request with historical reference for […]


Biewer Terrier Data Analysis Project Update 

Biewer Terrier Data Analysis Project Update Project Aims: • Find out if there are any Biewer Terrier chromosomes which cannot be explained by descent from the Yorkshire Terrier. • Find other potential breeds which may have influenced the creation of this breed. Introduction to previous work: The Biewer Terrier analysis performed so far has encompassed […]