Is a Biro a Chocolate Colored Biewer Terrier?

Biro Chocolate Biewer Terriers

Biro Chocolate Biewer Terriers

The Biro comes from Biewer Terriers that carry for the liver (brown) gene. The first one was a female born December 1st, 2004 to the “Art of Highclass” Kennel in Germany. She became the first registered Biro in the world.
The Biro is also a tri-colored terrier like the standard colored Biewer Terrier. The liver gene affects eumelanin (black pigment) only. All of the black in the coat will be turned to liver (brown). It is genetically impossible for a liver (brown) colored dog to have even one black hair in its coat. The chocolate colored Biewer Terrier always has a brown nose and hazel greenish colored eyes. The dark chocolate colored coat on a white background and addition of gold color in the face makes it a highly attractive and exclusive phenomenon.
If both Biewer Terrier parents carry for the Liver (brown) gen, it is possible to have a litter of standard colored and chocolate colored Biewer Terriers puppies in the same litter.
In June 2016, the AKC (American Kennel Club) accepted the liver (brown) colored Biewer Terrier as a non standard color variation (Chocolate Tan & White) of the Biewer Terrier.
All Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers are pure bred Biewer Terriers and have passed the MARS Wisdom Panel 3.0 breed test. Sir Denver & Ms Charlotte are the world’s first registered chocolate colored Biewer Terriers. The AKC registration requires a BTRA registration, which requires a MARS Wisdom Panel breed test, DNA profile, and coat color test. You can read about the AKC registration process for the Biewer Terrier here.

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  1. I sooooo wish I was close enough to buy one of your most beautiful biro female Biewer Terriers, but I live in South Africa. They are most gorgeous, I must say. Probably the most beautiful I have seen.

  2. I love the Biro’s, chocolates. They are beautiful. I love their little brown nose and the hazel/Amber green eyes. Do you have a waiting list for older females?

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