How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?

The question we get asked the most is “How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?”

We ship our Biewer Puppies with United Airlines “PetSafe” out of Durango, CO Airport (DRO).
United PetSafe is not just some pet cargo shipping program … it’s not the luggage guys who pull your puppy out of the cargo area and stack it next to the suit cases on a luggage cart and park it on the tarmac for hours in the pouring rain, snow storm or 100 degree temperatures.

We have read the “horror stories” about shipping animals in cargo and we did our homework.
It’s usually large dog breeds, squeezed in small crates. Adult dogs that have never been in a crate. They get extremely stressed, being taken out of their comfort zone, their owner isn’t around and it’s hot as heck … wrong Airline and sometimes a preexisting medical condition … Shipping an adult dog that is a totally different thing then shipping a young puppy.

United PetSafe actually has a real PetSafe Staff that takes care of our Biewer Puppies.

United Airlines PetSafe

Durango, CO is a very small airport and on most flights our pups get to travel in the cockpit with the pilots 🙂 The Durango hospital ships dry ice packages almost every day with United Cargo and it is not allowed to have life animals and dry ice in the same area on the plane. So on most flights our pups get to fly to Denver Airport in the cockpit. All of the United PetSafe Vans and waiting areas are temperature controlled. Pets get loaded onto the plane last and they get unloaded first. The Petsafe Program Staff is trained and licensed with the USDA. They know what they are doing. They check on our pups and make sure they have water and food and a clean travel crate. They even have boarding Kennels to overnight a puppy if necessary.

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers has all federal and state licenses and permits that are required to ship Biewer Puppies worldwide.USDA License Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers We prepare our Puppies for their Airplane Trip very well. All puppies get examined by our Veterinarian to make sure they are healthy. Our vet checks General Appearance, Oral Cavity – Teeth, Mucous Membranes, Ears & Eyes, Lymph Nodes, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Abdomen, Hernias, Skin, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Patellas, Neurological, Gastrointestinal and the puppy’s Behavior.
The veterinarian will issue a Health Certificate for the Airline that will state the puppy’s and the new owner’s information. It will also state the maximum and minimum temperature that the puppy can be exposed to. It certifies that the puppy is healthy and free of any diseases.

Because some pups need a few days to adjust at their new families and get back to their normal eating behavior, with all the excitement and new environment, sometimes they don’t eat as good as they should so most pups get a special diet for at least 3 days before they travel to make sure they got a lot of extra calories before they travel.

Biewer Terrier Puppy Shipping Crate

Miss Tracy is flying to Denver today 🙂

For our Biewer Puppy Shipping Service we only use a airline approved shipping crate that is almost 2 x the size as required. The crates have bolts on each corner so even if the clips fail for whatever reason, the bolts will always keep the crate together. It comes with a food and a water dish, a potty pad and a blanket. Your Biewer Puppy will have enough space to walk around in the travel crate, to eat, sleep, stretch, stand up etc. Most pups feel actually very safe inside their crate. They don’t have to compete with any litter mates … food, water and the bed … its all just for the traveling puppy, not to share with anyone else 🙂 The puppy can see everything but nobody can touch it and it can’t get hurt. They usually already fall asleep on the 90 minutes drive to the Durango Airport.

We don’t use a courier service to take our puppies to the Airport. Jared always takes our puppies to the Airport himself.  If a flight is delayed or canceled, he drives home with the puppy and we reschedule everything.

We usually don’t leave our Puppies at the airport to wait for the next available flight! If anything changes with the flight situation while Jared is already on his way home, he gets a call from the Durango PetSafe People and we decide what’s in the best interested of the puppy. The procedure at the Airport always takes a while because there is a lot of paperwork and a big checklist to go through. Just before your Puppy gets dropped off to the PetSafe Team, we give it 1/2 cc of Nutri-Cal. It is a high calorie supplement made for puppies.





What’s included in the $300 Biewer Puppy Shipping Fee? 

$72 Health Certificate with Veterinarian Exam
$40 Airline Approved Travel Crate
$280-$350 Air Freight

Some little things here and there and 2 hours trip to the Airport and 2 hour trip back home 🙂
(As you can see the $300 shipping fee is a shared cost between you and us)


Biewer Puppy Shipping Pick Up


What other Biewer Puppy Shipping options are there?


We don’t offer “Lap Nanny or Puppy Nanny” Services

In 2016 we worked with a few “Puppy Nannies & Lap Nannies” and we did not have very many good experiences.
A Lap Nanny is usually employed by an regional airline and knows about the requirements for a puppy to travel in the airplane cabin, the major airports and the weather situation. All flights are stand by flights. Means the nanny has to wait for an unoccupied seat on the plane. We had it happened that flights were overbooked an the nanny sat the whole day at the Airport waiting with the puppy. We also had it happen that the Nanny had to take the puppy home for the night because no flights were available. Due to the standby situation the pick up Airport can change within minutes … The new family has already been on the road for over 1 hour to get to the airport to meet the Nanny, when they get a message that they have to turn around and drive to another Airport …

The Nanny gets to take the puppy in the cabin for no extra cost because she claims it to be her own puppy… She does not have a USDA license to transport animals, she doesn’t write a receipt for the payment or pays taxes for the money she receives for her services. The puppy has to remain in a small bag under the seat at all times during the flight. There is no guarantee or any kind of insurance. The drop offs and pick ups have to happen very quickly sometimes, as the Lap Nanny has to get back as soon as possible to catch the next flight.

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers follows all regulations and rules about breeding and transporting Animals, therefor we do not use Lap Nannies or Pet Nannies to deliver our Puppies. You are always welcome to send a friend or family member to pick up your puppy at our home or our Airport.

“We don’t offer Biewer Puppy Shipping Ground Transportation”

We don’t use any ground pet transportation companies!  For the most part, the puppies are put in minivans or similar vehicles that are packed with other dogs and cats or birds that are barking and meowing which is stressful for puppies as well as for all other animals in the vehicle. These pet transporters are on the road for several days, dropping off their animal load and receiving new animals on their way. They have to stop many times to take dogs potty or to feed and water them, clean their cages etc.


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  1. Hi, found the puppies, soo gorgeous. Didn’t find price info. I am interested in a non show quality female, two if possible, l believe in the dog pack theory…please advise me further. My plan would be to drive to you to pick them up myself. Regards, mardi

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