How to pick a Biewer Terrier Show Puppy

The Biewer Terrier is moving into the Miscellaneous Group with AKC in July 2019. That means that the breed can be shown at any AKC sanctioned Conformation Events in the US. We thought to give you some some basic suggestions about how to make sure, that your Biewer Terrier Puppy will qualify to be shown in the AKC ring. So how do you pick your Show Puppy? When you are […]

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Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Puppies

“We’re breeders… why are we anti-breeding?”

by Joanna Kimball “Good breeders never breed back to back.” “I’ve been in the breed fifteen years and have bred only three litters.” “Did you see that Harriet had FIVE litters this year? I guess she’s our new puppy mill, huh?” “Ladies, check out Gloria’s new litter – and you know she’s still got those four-month-olds from the last one!” “I’m glad to see puppy registrations decline; we should all […]

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Junior Showmanship

Start Them Young! – Junior Showmanship

Start Them Young! Junior Showmanship is a venue supported by all recognized show-sponsoring clubs in some way or another. The United Kennel Club (UKC) is a family oriented organization and uses its Junior Program to promote and develop the interests of children and young people in dog sports of all kinds, not just conformation. But for now, I want to tell you how Junior Showmanship offers a very different experience […]

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Home made Biewer Terrier Food

The Truth About Dog Food

We always had dogs when I was a kid. They didn’t get kibbles to eat but we had canned dog food in the pantry and my mother would give them leftovers from what she cooked for us. Some foods with lots of onion or garlic were not allow for the dogs. Cooked chicken bones or desserts either. Our dogs were healthy, they lived to be 15+ years. Nowadays I hear […]

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Biewer Terrier Embark Health Test

Embark Veterinary, Inc. and the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club enter into a Research Partnership Agreement

Embark Veterinary, Inc. and the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club entered into a Research Partnership Agreement to enhance the genetic health of the Biewer Terrier, preserving the legacy, informing on health, & breeding for vigor. Embark will provide Routine interactions with the RMBTC officers to prioritize research interests. The RMBTC will receive breed specific materials to assist in education and active sample recruitment. Individual DNA test results will be available […]

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whelping boxes gardenbox

Whelping Boxes and Puppy Pens made of Garden Boxes

Crate-Free Biewers (Biewer Terriers) The virtual tour of my home and dogs produced an overwhelming number of inquiries about how we created the facilities and the materials we used. This is a summary of how we designed and set up a system to raise healthy, crate-free Biewer Terriers. We are USDA and state PACFA licensed which means the dogs must be contained and sanitation requirements must be met. I will […]

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Donny - Irish Jazz Dzhaga-Dzhaga

Welcome “Donny” – Irish Jazz Dzhaga-Dzhaga

I want to thank Irena Belova for entrusting Michele Lyons and her Biewer show/breeding friends Lynn Meyer and Karen Hansen with her fabulous boy Irish Jazz Dzhaga-Dzhaga. 9 months old and winner of Best Puppy at shows in Russia FCI shows. We are very excited about this boy and his outstanding pedigree!

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Track your Biewer Puppy on the Airplane

Picking up your new Biewer Puppy at the Airport

Some Airports have a Cargo Facility Location that is usually around the corner and some Airports handle traveling pets at the ticket or baggage counter. Check here to find out about your Airport’s PetSafe Pick Up Location. We will send you the AirWayBill number for your Biewer Puppy’s flight reservation and you can track your Biewer Puppy here. You will be able to see all flights numbers and departure/landing times.

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AKC Dog Show – A View from the Inside!

(By Harley D) First I must introduce myself as I am new to your country. My official name is VIP Alex Family Harley and I am a 9 months old Biewer Terrier. I arrived from Russia earlier this year and now live in Wisconsin. Everyone calls me Harley D. I do not speak English very well yet, but I want to tell you about my most exciting visit to a […]

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grooming at show

Behind the Scenes: Grooming Your Biewer at the Show Site

Watching the Biewers in the show ring is both awe inspiring and a bit intimidating. 😄 They just look so perfect and flawlessly groomed. How can they be real? Only highly trained, high priced professional handlers could possibly make them look like that. Not true! 🤓 It doesn’t take a million dollar RV and $10K of specialized equipment to prepare a Biewer for the show ring. It’s actually a lot […]

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AKC Canine Good Citizen: Being A Good Dog!

By Harley D Harley D here reporting from the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This is the most excitement I have had all week! My Mom signed me up to take my Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test this morning and it was almost as exciting as the dog show last weekend. But different too! The CGC test has you perform the basic tasks that are […]

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RMBTC 2019 Q2 President’s Letter

Here we are welcoming spring after a blustery and challenging winter. Many of our members were affected by blizzards, record snow levels, flooding, and storms. It seems like Mother Nature had it in for us, but then the flowers start to grow and bloom and her beauty surrounds us once again bringing hope and renewal of spirit. I am happy to report that this has been an exciting time for […]

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Ceremony at the cemetery in Hirschfeld, Germany

It has been honor and a privilege to be part of bringing Dutta Biewer back to where she has always belonged, next to Werner. They shared their lives and their vision in developing our Biewer Terriers, leaving a beautiful and enduring legacy for us all. For that we will always be grateful.

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